TRANS*FORMATIONS: Lives and Politics beyond the Gender Binary is an international conference organized in the framework of the ERC funded project TRANSRights, Gender citizenship and sexual rights in Europe: Transgender lives from a transnational perspective. The conference will be held in Lisbon at the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon on June 14-15. 

TRANSRights is a project that aims to rethink and reflect upon gender and citizenship. It focuses on trans-people (namely, transsexuals, transgenders, crossdressers, genderqueers and other representatives of non-conforming gender identifications, expressions and lives) as subjects whose voices and diversity must be understood as one of the most challenging boundaries for framing contemporary debates on rights vis-à-vis an institutional apparatus that still reproduces a dualist gender order, polarising male and female, men and women, as discrete beings. This year, the TRANS*FORMATIONS Conference intends to create an opportunity and a forum for debate that allows to discuss the possibilities of living lives and engaging in politics beyond the constraints set out by gender binaries. In the face of contemporary challenges and the strong resistance(s) to gender dualisms that activists, academics, trans-people and allies are increasingly voicing, the furthering of our critical reflection on the diversity of trans lives and politics is both timely and of the essence.

Keynote speakers

 Professor Susan Stryker, Associate Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies, Director of the Institute for LGBT Studies, The University of Arizona (USA).

Professor Stephen Whittle, Professor of Equalities Law, Manchester Metropolitan University (UK).

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TRANS*FORMATIONS Abstracts and Bios


Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon

Av. Prof. Aníbal de Bettencourt, 9

1600-189 Lisboa

Location: See Map

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